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Tree Essences diluted in alcohol and herbal aromatic water. The grain alcohol works as a preservative and the aromatic water supports the therapeutic effect of the essence. Supplied in 30ml bottles. Take a drop or two whenever needed. Please specify which tree essence, or which combination of tree essences, you would like in your bottle in the ‘Add a note to your order’ option during check out.

ALDER: Alder is found along streams and river banks and is associated with flow. Alder helps to relieve stored physical and emotional tensions, particularly in the area around the solar plexus and heart and so reduces stress, tension, nervousness and anxiety. It improves one’s flow of energy and with that comes a sense of ease and clarity of mind. Alder works well with other remedies, increasing their effectiveness.

ASH: Ash brings strength to be yourself – and therefore to act in true harmony with your surroundings, in genuine relating. It helps to develop discipline and purpose of mind and clear awareness of one’s role in the world. Ash strengthens personal integrity and also flexibility.

BEECH: Beech helps to release blockages to our internal creativity and allows us to get on with realising our potential. Deeply held trauma and shock is released and this then reduces fears about the future and bring confidence and restores trust in oneself. Particularly useful for hypercriticism / perfectionism both of oneself and of the world around us. Beech encourages the ability of self-expression and helps those that lack confidence in speaking and those who find it hard to show their abilities. Beech’s confidence giving qualities in turn have a relaxing effect, allowing a more open and easy going nature.

CYPRESS: Cypress balances the relationship between mind and body, thought and action. It points the way and allows one to pursue things in a clear and confident manner, by helping to find and show direction, true purpose and correct action.

ELDER: Elder helps to overcome damaging self-beliefs that cause low esteem and self worth. It improves many areas to do with self-understanding, particularly where there is a hidden violence, emotional reaction, internal and external aggressions, fears and anxieties. Elder can transform aggressions and bitterness, increasing tolerance and forgiveness: it is very calming and stabilizing. It is an excellent remedy for troubled or fretful children and babies.

HAWTHORN: Hawthorn works on the heart and will bring it back into balance in whichever way it needs. It rids the heart of negativity and gives restoration from harm done. It offers self-protection from harm and this allows love, trust and forgiveness to develop. It particularly brings forgiveness of the self, allowing one to continue forth on their journey with clearer sight.

HAZEL: Hazel helps all sorts of study and the acquisition of skills and particularly the ability to receive and communicate wisdom. It would help both student and teacher remember information and assimilate knowledge, but above all it can inspire a deep understanding of nature. It improves self-awareness and focus and clears away unwanted debris, particularly outdated ideas about oneself.

HOLLY: Holly restores a sense of balance to the mind where there have been feelings of self-dissatisfaction, unhappiness, loneliness, panic and dread. It helps give a sense of security, acceptance and deep peace. Holly improves one’s ability to communicate, particularly where the cause of difficulty has been irritability.

HORSE CHESTNUT: Horse Chestnut harmonizes personal energy flows and eases agitation caused by friction, contrast and differences in oneself and in relation to others. The surface of the mind becomes quieter, allowing calm and clear flow of intuition, instead of being stuck with repetitive thoughts and anxieties. Impatience and intolerance lessen as empathy and intuition grow.

LIME: Lime will calm anxieties, lighten an atmosphere and will encourage a sense of serenity, verging on the joyful. Times of rapid change can be met with confidence in one’s growth and development and the creative challenges thereof. Fears and doubts lessen – Lime is good for overcoming doubt in general.

LONDON PLANE: London Plane aids the ability to discern things as they really are and to exercise fine judgement. London Plane helps us to avoid being distracted and unsettled by things going on around and about us and instead to find meditative peaceful introspection. It is an essence for achieving healthy detachment.

MISTLETOE: Mistletoe is for those who are out of their element and lack confidence and for those that secretly feel abandoned by life. It is for those who struggle to win independence by not being able to break free of others. Mistletoe gives one the courage to reach beyond the bonds of duty and sacrifice to feel free. Mistletoe will help overcome fears of letting go, to be oneself.

OAK: Oak helps to provide access to and integration of deep hidden truths. Oak gives support for growth and expansion from the unmanifest levels of creation, beyond space and time. It helps to manifest one’s aims, revealing new patterns, encouraging delight in the creative energy of growth. Oak provides the anchor for the here and now, the moment of balanced emergence of the future.

ROWAN: Rowan allows one to attune to the energies of nature and feel integrated and connected to everything. Fears are identified and dissolved and that allows considerable shifts in awareness that enlarge and deepen one’s perspective of the cosmos. This essence is for those that put up a wall between themselves and the world or have a sense of internal imprisonment, but also know that this is due to old stuck patterns of the past. Rowan can help to remove feelings of depression.

SCOTS PINE: Scots Pine illumines the mind’s eye to bring subtle awareness and penetrating insight. It helps clarity of vision and encourages different ways of seeing. Scots Pine also improves one’s ability to be patient and to persevere and allow one to be more forgiving as a result. This is particularly the case when there is a disappointment with oneself for failing to live up to one’s expectations. This essence is very good for helping to achieve and maintain deep meditative states.

SILVER BIRCH: Silver Birch is concerned with beauty and harmonious sharing, and is a true medicine for new beginnings. It encourages us to see beauty as a permanent perception of reality, rather than fleeting glimpses that we then crave to regain – and which cause a sense of division and separation. It is a pioneer tree that will provide support for many other forms of life and to which it eventually gives way, its shares of itself with grace.

SYCAMORE: Sycamore increases enjoyment of life and eases heavy moods, apathy, lethargy and sluggishness. With a more positive appreciation of life, Sycamore brings generosity, love and increased energy levels. It allows us to shine and to remember the qualities of childhood. The main attributes of the Sycamore is to do with healing energy and our ability to transmit it.

WILLOW: Willow reveals true self and the relation of self to creation. It helps one to assess deep levels of knowledge and it helps to strip away false assumptions or undue confidence in one’s knowledge. With this the ego withdraws and as the influence of the ego lessens, it is easier to experience the flow of universal consciousness. The essence is cleansing and clarifying and helps one to experience a state of bliss.

WALNUT: Walnut helps those that are too sensitive to others’ influences and ideas and whose own inner development gets suppressed because of this. This essence helps one to develop inner detachment, so that one can clearly know one’s own path and to be able to protect it from external forces.

YEW: Yew is supportive to the immune system, circulatory system and memory. It is extremely grounding and this helps us to develop focus in the present, practicality and strength. Due to its ability to harness available energy and to integrate it, it is excellent for matters of survival and protection and can help repel unwanted, outside influences. It is so strongly connected to the earth’s energies that it bestows a feeling of integration with the land, and will help one sense the energy patterns held within a particular place.

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