Meeting the Ivy Workshop




This will be a deeply relaxing and revitalising day long retreat in Bree, near Enniscorthy in Wexford.

Ivy is a protective and grounding medicine who helps us with grief and with our resilience, and at the core of this it carries a powerful message of hope, both it’s cultivation and restoration. We will explore ways in which we can connect with the plants on these levels (as well as discussing some of their physiological medicines), and then put this knowledge into practice. We will center our energy into our own being, and from here we will enter resonance with the Ivy plant, both individually and as a group. After sharing the messages from the plant, we will gather it into a traditional copper alembic still, and make an aromatic water. Everyone will have some ivy water to take home with them, but before this we will take some and go into a drum journey to allow the ivy to work with us.

We will also enjoy a buffet lunch in the middle of the day and spend time discussing the importance of food in keeping our immunity strong and healthy through the next phase of winter. Samples, nutrition notes and a recipe book are all included in the price.

The location of the workshop is Wilton Mills, this absolutely beautiful land:

The price for the day is 95 euro – cash payment on the day is also accepted but booking is essential.

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