Skin Care Box (L)




Simple, powerful nourishment for all skin types. Each Mac Tíre Skin Care Box contains:

Signature Hydrolat Moisturiser, made with a powerful blend of oils (coffee bean, raspberry seed, jojoba & apricot), lavender hydrolat, cocoa butter, olive wax and a drop of lavender essential oil. The texture is rich yet absorbs very nicely into the skin, providing deep hydration, soothing and nourishment

Skin Serum, does not contain any synthetic plant extracts or preservatives. Pure cold pressed organic botanical oils provide nourishment to the deeper layers of the skin. Rosehip, borage, jojoba & passionfruit.

Two Hot Process Soaps, cured for a minimum of one month. Oil blend of olive, sunflower, castor, shea & coconut and infused with essential oils and natural mineral powders, a creamy soap that does not strip the skin.

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