Artemesia vulgaris - Mugwort

the plants

Here you will find information on some of the plants we work with at the apothecary. Some are native, some are naturalised and some are exotic; all are met with respect. 
We are constantly evolving our understanding of plants, and it’s really important to understand that when we are reading about them, we are reading about that author’s understanding, their collation of information, their perspective and above all else, their own relationship with the plants. Others may have a different view, and you yourself will have your own connection with the plants.
If you are unsure of a plant you meet, engage common sense and be sure that it is what you think it is before working with it. We would strongly advise those interested in this work to seek the help of someone who knows or engage with a reputable course. 
We run workshops and plant ID walks from time to time so if you are in our area, keep an eye on the website and our social media account for updates.

We have just launched the website so will be uploading plant profiles soon.